The 7th edition of the Paris images

One event, six highlights. This is how the Paris Images Trade Show could be summarized. Launched in 2014, this showcase brings together under its umbrella the visual effects with the PIDS (Paris Images Digital Summit), the filming ecosystem with The Production Forum, technological innovations in the field of film imaging with the Paris Images AFC Events (including the Micro Salon AFC and the Postproduction Days AFC), a display for French film technicians through Paris Images Cinéma – L’Industrie Du Rêve as well as a series of conferences, meetings and workshops on the sector’s professions and economic challenges through CNC – Film France conferences.

A complete and exciting two-week program that will run from January 16th to February 1st, 2020. The ambition is simple, and it convinced more than 8,000 visitors last year: to promote all film professions, the excellence of French savoir-faire, the territory and the economic solutions put in place to attract projects to France.

The PITS or the best way to bring French and international professionals to discover, or rediscover, a dynamic French industry at the forefront, reinforced by recent film, audiovisual and international tax credits and to create contacts to carry out creative and diversified projects. Round tables, conferences, Art and Technique Meetings, master classes, case studies and previews are on the agenda of these two intense weeks under the aegis of synergy.