JAN 16 & 17




A place of reflection for the French film and audiovisual filmmaking industry, the Film France – CNC Conferences are taking place, for its 3rd year, during and close to the Production Forum and the Micro Salon AFC at the Floral Parc of Paris. A summary of production and filming in France’s situation, in the changing landscape of world production, punctuated by eight conferences. Their objectives are simple: to be a forum for exchange between professionals on filming issues, to highlight the development potential of international activity in France and to demonstrate the dynamism of the French sector to foreign professionals.

Last year, these eight conferences, co-organized by Film France and the CNC, brought together some 700 spectators who were able to listen to 27 specialized speakers, from France and abroad. During this 2020 edition, professional spectators filled with information and lots of questions will also be able to turn to the 18 workshops organised, a kind of smaller meeting (30 people), more conducive to exchanges.

 “For the past three years, the Film France – CNC Conferences  have been the forum for reflection and discussion in the French film and audiovisual filmmaking industry. They enable the actors of the French ecosystem to assert their position in the changing landscape of world production and to develop a forward-looking view that will increase their competitiveness”.

Marc Tessier

Film France CEO